Cottage Industrious


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Cottage Industrious 2012 to .... with Gord Pullar, Daniel Hill, Roan Bateman, Sarah Copoc, Tara Cooper, Dawn Hacket, plus...... reclaimed aluminum siding and extrusion, old plywood highway signs, reclaimed glass windows and sliding doors, Cottage Industrious " is a 10 ft. x 14 ft. x 12ft tall cabin complete with wooden floor, sliding glass doors, windows, and sleeping loft. The central image is based on a photograph of a styrofoam igloo built in Cape Dorset in the 50"s by the Ministry of Northern Affairs. It has functioned as a light industrial art studio , a poultry petting coop , and will now become the residency for a combined art and agricultural internship at Manor Run Farm. This internship is aimed at carving the experiences on the farm into the walls, floor, and furnishings so that the cottage will become a living shrine and resource to sustainable agriculture.