Made In Voyage



7ft.x 9ft. upcycled, prepainted aluminum siding , aluminum rivets 2011 with Gord Pullar, Judi Burgess, Sarah Copoc , Daniel Hill , Emily Hochheimer , Roan Bateman , ... ) " Made in Voyage " is quite literally the first major expedition of The Aluminum Quilting Society. Led by Dave Hind, the A.Q.S. is an open membered, artistic collective, united in the processes and techniques of working with reclaimed, prepainted, aluminum siding. At the stern of this overloaded fishing boat sits William HInd ( 1833-1888 ) one of Canada's foremost 19th century artists. He has witnessed, first hand, the opening up of Canada's vast wilderness and now waits to see what the nets will yield in the early days of the 21st century. The theme of fishing speaks to Canada's reliance on natural resources which have progressively dwindled and been sold off to the point of environmental colapse. Yet fishing is also a spiritual metaphor used throughout time across cultures and a symbol of our collective youthful experience with nature. The Society interprets the Chinese proverb," Weaving a net is better than praying for fish" as lets get to work.